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eBay Articles Teach You About the Online Auction House

Written by Charlie. Posted in HOMEPAGE

Do you like to buy and sell things? Do you want to make a living off it? eBay is a great forum for exchange, but you need to know how eBay works. Several eBay articles can help you learn all about eBay. eBay articles cover things such as eBay history, eBay bidding strategy, and eBay etiquette.

eBay articles covering corporate history are some of the most fascinating reads for students of commerce. Founded in 1995 as an auction site, one of the first items sold was a broken laser pointer for 14.37 USD. When the founder emailed the bidder to make sure he understood the laser pointer was broken, the bidder replied he collects broken laser pointers. The story is repeated in eBay articles to show that it is the market for anything, anywhere.

Since those days, eBay has turned into the darling of Silicon Valley. Under the leadership of business legend Meg Whitman, eBay integrated with PayPal, bought several companies, and became a multibillion dollar business. There are also thousands of buyers and sellers.

eBay articles cover eBay buying strategy. There are millions of items for bid in any given week, and at the same time, each item is sold in a silent auction. Information on bids vary, as well as how to bid, how to avoid a bidding war, and the like. eBay articles also cover how to certify the authenticity of an item, as well as the reputation of the seller.

Finally, eBay articles cover etiquette, in addition to eBay strategy. Like any community, eBay traders have their own etiquette when interacting with each other. Be sure that you read up on how to behave in eBay, and how to remain in good standing with other traders.

eBay is a hallmark of online commerce. eBay articles can help you access it. By teaching you about strategy and etiquette, eBay articles can help you become a seasoned trader. Study these articles, and you can begin buying and selling with confidence.