Become An EBay Ace

Written by Charlie. Posted in HOMEPAGE

Nothing grates on an auction hound’s pride quite like loosing that sought after antique love seat or first press Rolling Stones record in an eBay bidding war at the last possible moment. If you’ve been engaging in eBay bidding for a while already, you may already have solidified your own favored eBay bidding strategy. But this doesn’t mean your approach can’t be improved, and if you’re still losing bids more often that seems right, you should probably figure out how. And newcomers to the world of Ebay auctions have a bit of a learning curve to tackle before they can expect to claim those rare items that people really compete for.

When I’d been struggling to arrive at a satisfactory eBay buying strategy for several months, I finally started up some heavy duty searches for eBay articles about the best ways to take home the prize, and all without having to watch the incoming bids all hours of the day and night, or putting down more money than I really needed to.

Still, after correlating my findings from what eventually grew to a list of a few dozen eBay strategy articles, I found that a little diligent “sniping” in the endgame really is one of the best approaches. You can look up any number of lucidly written eBay articles for a better understanding of what I mean by sniping, but if you’ve ever been outbid at the last second, then that’s what you’ve experienced.

It’s the practice of bidding conservatively throughout most of the auction time, checking on the item once or twice a day until late in the proceedings. eBay articles will suggest different points at which to start watching with extra attention, but I’ve it’s best to trust your instincts. When the last few minutes of the auction are ticking away, that’s when you lay back and wait for the crucial moment to reveal your (hopefully not bank breaking) maximum bid. The idea is that, as these eBay articles suggest, you’ll outbid your main competitors before they have time to make a rebuttal. As soon as the auction’s over… that’s it!

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