Ebay is the New Swap Meet

Written by Charlie. Posted in HOMEPAGE

A swap meet, or a flea market is a bazaar where people rent a space to sell or trade merchandise. Used items, inexpensive mass produced items, hand crafted products, and expensive or name brand merchandise offered at discounted prices are all found at swap meets. It sounds like many of the same items online customers are on Ebay bidding on.

Millions of products are bought and sold online every day. Many people who develop an effective Ebay buying strategy and selling strategy are able to make a living just buying and selling things online. A growing number of people supplement their incomes. One Ebay strategy article estimates that over 1.3 million people make money from selling items on Ebay.

Ebay strategy articles are geared for sellers, buyers or both. Some describe an Ebay bidding strategy known as bid sniping. This involves waiting until the auction on an item is about to close and trying to get a slightly higher bid in at the last minute. The idea of bid sniping is to get the item right before the auction closes without the other buyers having time to see that you have bid and to out bid you. As several Ebay articles point out, that strategy is not very effective since Ebay uses an automated bid system. It lets you know when you have been out bid.

Another Ebay strategy article describes proxy bidding. This is an automated service that allows the potential buyer to enter the highest bid they would use. When other bids come in, the computer will let the person with the proxy bid out bid them until the amount that they selected is reached without going over it. The other bidders can not see what that selected highest bid amount is.

Online selling is a great way to get rid of clutter and to make some extra money. Online buying is a great way to find a bargain. If you need help, there are many Ebay strategy articles to guide you. So, if you are a seller, a buyer, or just a browser, get out your laptop and get to the electronic swap meet.

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