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Next Generation Network Security

Written by Charlie. Posted in Network antivirus, Network security solutions, Vulnerability management software

Enterprise firewall comparison

Next Generation Network Security (also called Next Gen Network Security) is used to describe the process of consistently developing and protecting telecommunication and access networks from malware and other hacking entities. As these networks and systems continuously develop, hackers also innovate new ways to infiltrate enterprise firewalls and the other portions of network security platforms. Google detects almost ten thousand malicious websites, many of which are legitimate site that have been hacked. Current businesses, while understanding that a security breach and loss of consumer data diminishes their reputation, often do not recognize the full implications of a security breach. A company that has experienced a security breach needs almost a year to rebuild their reputation.

The cost of using contracting a company that uses Next Gen Network Security will ensure that your reputation will be protected and that your customers’ data will not be lost of stolen. Firewall software ranges in price, from a few hundred dollars basic firewall package to tens of thousands of dollars for state of the art network protection. Basic firewalls are necessary for every business that is connected to the Internet, as that is how a majority of viruses and other malware are spread. Cybersecurity should be of the utmost importance to any business, and there are two other important features of one. An enterprise network security platform should maintain a firewall of some kind, an intrusion detection system (IDS), and an intrusion prevention system (IPS), with other feature being optional. Antimalware software is also a good choice for businesses as a fall back if the firewall, IDS, or IPS doesn’t catch a few sneaky viruses.

Next Gen Network Security programs combine these facets of a network security platform to consistently protect your company and your customers. This company constantly strives to create new ways to catch cyber criminals and eradicate threats to the sensitive data that your customers have entrusted to you. Choose Next Gen Network Security programs to effectively maintain the privacy and integrity of your customers.