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Ebay Bidding Strategies

Written by Charlie. Posted in Articles, HOMEPAGE

When it comes to ebay bidding, there are several tips and tricks of the trade that can help you get the items you want at a lower cost than you thought possible. Here are my steps for having a successful online ebay bidding experience. I recommend reading multiple ebay articles in order to get an idea of what multiple ebay experts are saying about the subject, since strategies can also vary depending on the type of item you are bidding on.

First, do several searches for the item you want. Some items, like used clothing, will probably not have multiple entries. Items like books or popular necklace styles, however, might appear multiple times in search under slightly different headings. Many sellers use this to target bidders in different price ranges. It is entirely possible that your item is listed somewhere else on the site for dollars less than the first listing you found.

Second, bid low to begin with. Bidding high right from the start shows that you are very obviously interested in the item, and other bidders might use this against you. You might be lulled into a false sense of security when no one else bids and stop checking the site, only to find that, at the last minute, someone took advantage of this attitude and outbid you by only a few cents!

Third, one ebay bidding strategy is to automate your bidding process. Ebay bidding now allows you to enter your maximum high bid and will automatically bid for you up to that price if someone else comes along and tries to bid on your product. This can be especially useful for when the auction ends at a time you cannot be around the computer.

Fourth, many ebay buying strategy experts recommend what was mentioned in the second point, which is to snipe with your highest prices at the last minute. Researchers have actually determined that, with each bid you enter, your statistical chance of winning the item drops. Entering a price at the last minute, especially when this is a strategy employed by multiple users, keeps the bidding price low and allows you to swoop in and claim the prize.

Fifth, though it is not recommended that users get caught up in ebay bidding wars, so long as you keep the maximum price you are willing to pay in mind, it can be a decent ebay strategy for winning the goods.