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The Social Security Act has a long and complicated history. During the Great Depression, which started in 1929 and ended in 1941, the government desperately tried to alleviate the suffering of millions of Americans who had lost their life savings and were struggling to put food and water on their dining room tables. In the early part of the decade, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ratified the Social Security Act. In brief, this act decreed that a portion of every working adult’s wages would go into a fund which would be redistributed to the country’s senior citizens who no longer possessed enough physical or mental strength to work; in return for donating a portion of their wages to this glorified pension fund, the act promised these working adults that they too would receive social security wages after they retired.

However, the men who drafted and ratified the act could not predicted what would happen in the 1940s and 1950s after millions of soldiers returned from the wars in Europe and Asia. These soldiers had so many millions of children that pundits have now nicknamed these children “baby boomers.” Unfortunately, these baby boomers vastly outnumber the generations which preceded and succeeded them; indeed, recent studies suggest that the number of Americans who reach age sixty five has increased by more than thirty percent over the last decade. Social security disability attorneys estimate that nineteen percent of Florida’s population will be older than sixty five; one in three of these residents count social security payments as their only income. Now that these baby boomers are retiring in great numbers, government officials are realizing that too few working adults are trying to fund too many of these baby boomers’ social security.

This historical outline helps explain why eighty five percent of the first appeals for social security benefits are denied, and why Florida residents who do receive social security benefits collectively received more than forty nine billion dollars in 2010. Because social security is becoming more difficult to obtain, many of these Florida residents are starting to hire social security disability attorneys, Orlando veteran lawyers, and other veterans lawyers and social security lawyers to help them obtain their social security benefits. Because many of these retired citizens served in Korea and Vietnam, they are calling upon social security disability attorneys who specialize in obtaining benefits for citizens who need money to fix wounds that they received in hand to hand combat. Many of these senior citizens worry that these social security disability attorneys will charge an arm and a leg for their services; however, many social security disability attorneys charge relatively reasonable rates, and few of these social security disability attorneys and Veterans disability lawyers demand payment before they convince the government to surrender social security checks to their clients. Furthermore, many of these social security disability attorneys are so grateful to help senior citizens that they offer incredible deals. In some rare instances, social security disability attorneys have been known to work for free! More like this:

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