Drug Detox is Important, if Done Wrong Can be Deadly

Written by Charlie. Posted in Alcohol detox treatment, Detox facilities, Drug detox facilities

Drug detox center

Did you know that in 2011, almost nine percent of the entire US population had used an illegal drug or abused a psychotherapeutic medication such as pain relievers in the past month? Drug misuse has long been an issue, especially when the criminalization of drugs has resulted in many people risking arrests and even jail when they deal, buy, or use different drugs that have not been prescribed to them.

It is important to understand how drug use starts, and how to stop it as well. More than half of new illegal drug users, for example, start with marijuana, and many of these individuals are under the age of 21. DARE programs for schools and commercials sponsored by the government are often ineffective because they, in a way, only preach to the choir.

They tell kids who would usually never do drugs that drugs are horrible. For any kids who have been exposed to drugs, however, they learn to mistrust ads that often misportray drugs and their effects. Though the desire to create a scare tactic might be fine, it does not really work when kids know people who smoke weed and realize it does not actually make them all unresponsive and unable to do work or go to school. The message is lost.

For individuals interested in enrolling in drug detox centers, this can be a good way to beat the habit. Medical professionals recommend that anyone considering quitting either drugs or alcohol should not consider going cold turkey, which means quitting all at once. Not only is this more likely to lead to relapse, but it can also lead to medical problems and even death. Bodies become so accustomed to drugs that they need to be weaned off them, otherwise it can be an incredible shock to the system.

Drug detox treatment facilities are also good for helping addicts fight the symptoms of drug withdrawal. These symptoms can be not only difficult to go through, but incredibly painful, physically, emotionally and mentally. Drug detox centers can provide pain killers and help with other methods to relieve symptoms. They can also help users establish coping mechanisms for dealing with cravings that will often continue well past withdrawal. If you cannot afford a drug detox center, research methods you can engage in at home in order to make sure your detox is successful and safe. Continue reading here.