The Trend Of Filtered Bottleless Water Coolers

Written by Charlie. Posted in Bottle free water coolers, Filtered bottleless water coolers, Point of use water cooler

Bottle free water cooler

Filtered bottleless water coolers, have become a staple for many communities, of course, there are probably more out there than just these few, but they all have switching over to using a form of point of use water coolers. Some of these trending cities are in New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago’s Cook County have all completely stopped allowing people to buy bottled water of any kind with government money to use or drink with, leaving very little options, besides using a filtered bottleless water cooler.

The truth is though that most bottles of water are nothing more than just tap water that is not cold and that has been labeled differently, but people are still paying the usual 1000 times the cost of what actual tap water is. When price and quality isn’t an issue, the reusability of the plastic bottle the water is filled in shows that a mere 14 percent do not end up in the landfill as garbage. ??Although your first thought might be that if something like water bottles are so bad then the obvious choice would be why not use water coolers, in lieu of them. The water coolers that used to be big and bulky and not portable as still used but many savvy people are now switching to more economical and environmentally friendly option called filtered bottleless water coolers. Filtered bottleless water coolers can provide a point of use water cooler that can be attached to a regular tap and cleaned.