What to Look for From Your Moving Services

Written by Charlie. Posted in Movers, Moving, Van lines

Pods storage

Some of us remember the TV show, the Jeffersons and the theme song, Moving On Up. It is a great thing to move up in the world. Unfortunately, the actual act of moving is a necessary evil. Going through all your old stuff, deciding what to keep and what to toss, taking things apart so they will fit through the door, packing it all up, finding a vehicle big enough to transport it, and then unpacking it… It just is not fun. Researching what moving services are available to you may be your best bet.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 15 percent of Americans move each year. Be it a military move, move to or from college, or buying a house, sometimes the best choice is to to hire a moving services company to alleviate some of the stress of doing it yourself. In addition to sparing your friends from the dirty and sweaty work, moving services companies are required by law to offer liability coverage to transport your valuables. They have trained workers and vehicles of all sizes capable of significantly cutting down the time it would if you did it yourself. Many moving services companies have storage containers, or pods, you pack yourself to be brought to your new residence or a storage facility. Moving pods to a storage facility prior to a new home allows freeing up space for cleaning and organizing before setting up your heavy and bulky items. A pods storage size depends on your needs and can be discussed with the moving services company.

Although the cost of moving would likely be more than if you did it yourself, there are some ways you may be able to cut costs. For example, if you can be flexible on your moving date and can do it in the middle of the week or month, these tend to be the least busy times for moving services companies. If moving long distance, there are online calculator tools that can help you choose which items can go with the movers and which items you could transport yourself. You can also ask the moving services company what the fees are for long distance pods moving.

Lastly, one should consider packing all necessary items for your move in day in a box that will be readily available. Items such as bedding, coffee maker, chargers for phones, computers, and any other things you believe you may need on day one of arriving at your new place. This box should be packed last in the truck so it is the first thing unpacked.