The Facts About Mystery Shopping

Written by Charlie. Posted in Measure customer satisfaction, Mystery shopper agency, Retail audit

Mystery shopper agency

What are mystery shoppers? From the point of view of someone looking for work, it usually sounds like a job too good to be true. Getting paid to shop? But in fact, it is a real job, and mystery shopping is a tool used by businesses to ensure service quality, compliance with regulations, or gathering information about services and products. It is basically a way to see what the average experience is like for the guest, and also a way to make sure everything the company wants employees to be doing or saying is actually happening.

Mystery shopper agencys have been around since the 1940s and can range from questionnaires to having people videotaped or audio monitored. It has become increasingly common in the medical industry in order to ensure good quality care and also to see what can be improved. Looking for ways to improve is, after all, one of the goals of mystery shopping. Some common things mystery shoppers look to note are how long it takes for someone to greet them, how an employee tried to close a sale, compliance with company policies, speed of the service provided, how well the employee tried to find the right product, et cetera.

A mystery shopper agency not only will give a company feedback on how well they are ensuring brand consistency, but they can also examine their data and report on trends and improvements. The results can help to reward compliant stuff, and also improve training programs for new staff.

If you are interested in being a mystery shopper, be advised that the top mystery shopping companies would never require you to pay to become a mystery shopper. Shoppers are paid just like any other sort of employee. The mystery shopper agency industry is huge in the United States and Europe as well.

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