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It is interesting that few dental advances were made during the years that separated the height of ancient Egyptian culture from the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Similar to the powder that the Egyptians used to clean their teeth, the Greeks and Romans also relied upon crushed animal bone and seashells as dental hygiene products. Fortunately for us, we can count on a family dentist in montclair va, a Fredericksburg va dentist, or Woodbridge VA dentist to clean our teeth with the latest technologies that have little to do with bones and shells. Regardless of what was done in the past, as we can rest assured that a dentist VA, specifically a dentist in Montclair VA, can help us to maintain healthy teeth. It is also important to remember that tooth brushing and flossing is only effective with regular visits to a dentist in Montclair VA.

Actually, considering how much people in the United States take for granted the modern methods employed by a dentist in Montclair VA and cosmetic dentist in Fredericksburg VA, it is interesting, and even amusing, to look back upon the history of dentistry. Although tooth decay remains a disease that is second only to the common cold, what did people do before dental floss was introduced in 1882? It actually makes you shudder to think about how bad the hygiene was during those times. Furthermore, it was not until 1892 that toothpaste became available in tubes. Even then the tooth brushes were far from efficient, and it is actually the brushing, not the toothpaste, that is responsible for most of the hygiene.

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